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Ivy and Naomi sort of became friends this week, as the latter helped the former get revenge on Oscar by convincing him to strip down and leap into the pool at the beach club. Ivy then stole his clothes and left Oscar naked, in the cold water, for all to see.


- Navid learned that his dad was aware of the underage girl issue. He reacted by going to his guidance counselor and saying his father was a "child pornographer." This could lead to long-term consequences for Mr. Shirazi, as the counselor went to the principal.

Navid also went to Silver because Adrianna had blown him off for her magazine party, taking Joe Jonas as a date instead at Victor's urging. Navid and Silver bonded and almost kissed, which because a problem later when Adrianna defied Victor, grabbed Navid onto the red carpet and told the world they were together. She then stood up to Victor and said he was only gonna get 5% of her earnings.

- Dixon and Annie learned their father had a girlfriend and served their mother with divorce papers. Deb acted strong, but was taken aback by both these developments. She confided in Ryan a bit and we can see sparks between these two.

- Jen left Ryan, saying her son is better off with her.

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90210 Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Trying to understand rich kids is like trying to understand LeBron James, the more you talk about it the angrier you get.


How barbaric is breast-feeding? I mean save it for National Geographic, right?