Knot of Six - A Discovery of Witches
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Diana wishes that they could stay behind and create a family with Jack.

Matthew has to visit with the Queen, and Diana is annoyed she cannot accompany him.

The witches have missed Diana. Goody has been unwell and might not survive the winter.

Agnes Sampson was tortured, and the countryside is alive with witch hunts.

Goody recognizes that the dark clounds around Matthew have lifted, which he takes kindly. But she senses something else, too. A child grows between them.

A child between them would overturn millenia of biology. It's uncharted territory, and they need to go back as soon as possible.

But Diana has to master the final knots. Matthew will buy her the time that she needs.

Kit wonders if Matthew is free of Diana, and Matthew is livid. As long as they are both alive, he and Diana will never part.

Diana's training continues. This time, she sees the threads of the universe and isn't overwhelmed.

Diana beautifully weaves seven knots, and I still don't understand how she knows what the hell she's doing.

It's a fire drake. Diana has her familiar.

Her familiar with return when she is needed. For now, Diana must focus on the knots.

Matthew has the good fortune to visit Elizabeth while she's suffering from a crippling toothache.

She's pretty annoyed with our boy. She wanted Kelly. Matthew assures her Kelly is a charlatan. She learned that he preferred to liberate a book. He refuses her request to hand over the book by saying it was stolen en route from Bohemia. She demands they search his home forthwith.

Elizabeth threatens to sever Elizabeth's head. Does she know who he is?

Kit grabs Diana under the guise of Matthew being in great danger. He's full of crap. She hesitates but ultimately trusts him.

The Queen's men are mean to Jack and the others.

Matthew decides to tell Elizabeth the truth.

The book is found in the hands of the Queen's men.

Gallowglass doesn't want to let it go.

Matthew offers Elizabeth the truth by way of his blood. She talks of immortality, wondering what will happen of her country after her death. He tells her of Diana's powers and arriving from the future. She believes him.

Their parting words suggest a much closer relationship between the two when she was a youth.

Jack has saved the Book, but Diana is missing. Kit has set up Diana to be screwed with by Louisa.

It's not the nicest introduction to Matthew's sister. Kit wanted Diana to be exiled for Matthew to be free of her. But Louisa says the witch must die.

Diana tells Louisa of her marriage and blood bond with Philippe, it doesn't have the desired effect. Louisa is out of her mind and taking Kit with her. When Diana begins quoting Kit's words to him, he wonders what mischief this is. How does she know his words that he has never spoken to anyone?

She promises to tell Kit his future, but Louisa cuts him down. Louisa fires a gun, but she misses. Diana calls on Cora, who takes the bullet for her. Diana tells them their futures. They have none. Their deaths will not be gentle. Matthew and Gallowglass arrive with Father Hubbard. What on earth is that, they wonder?

Matthew goes after kit with a knife, stopped only by Father Hubbard.

Queen Elizabeth tells Cecil that Matthew is forgiven, shocking him.

Diana is worried about Matthew, but Gallowglass doesn't want to take her to Bedlam. Well, either he does it, or she's going herself.

Matthew has taken his blood rage out on his sister. He's barely controlling himself. Louisa continues taunting Matthew, and Louisa wants her to see the wolf. Diana and Louisa go toe-to-toe with Matthew's mind. One of them pleading for life, the other pleading for death.

Mentally wounded, the thought of their baby tears Matthew out of his stupor.

Matthew and Diana watch over Jack.

Matthew and Diana give themselves over to each other, body and soul.


A Discovery of Witches
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A Discovery of Witches Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Kit: What of the witch? Are you free of her?
Matthew: Kit! Why can't you understand?! As long as Diana and I are alive, we will never be parted. Never!

Diana: Goody. I told you I'd come back.
Goody: Perhaps you are the tonic I require.