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The gang goes through Jon's things and the kids give out some of his belongings to who they think he would want to have what. Rome gets emotional over the cufflinks and he and Sophie hug. 

Gary notices the person in the photo album and tells Delilah that it's Barbara Morgan. She goes back to Barbara Morgan's house and asks to speak to her. 

Mitch refuses at first, and he's adamant about her leaving, but Barbara stops him. She lets Delilah in so that they can talk. 

She was the girlfriend of Jon's best friend and roommate from college. She tells Delilah that the guys were going to a game together, but Jon got sidetracked getting wine, and when he came back to board the plane, he was kept off of it because he was too late. 

He spoke to Dave on the phone to tell him that he'd have to catch a different flight. The plane was one of the planes that went down on 9/11. The flight attendant who technically saved his life's name was Sophie. 

Jon and Barbara stopped speaking months after Dave's death when he felt like she was moving on too fast with a firefighter named Mitch. She was pregnant and she presumably raised the boy thinking Mitch was his father. 

That same day he met Delilah on her way to France. They flirt and she gives him her number on his ticket. Delilah saved him.  

Jon apologized to her in the message he sent her. Later a boy is shown watching the video and it's PJ. PJ the same boy that sought Rome's help and who he recommended to Maggie is Barbara Morgan's son, and he most likely thinks that Jon is his father. 

Delilah goes into labor. Regina will be by her side. 

Katherine tells Eddie that she wanted to get back together and they kiss and agree to a family dinner. Katherine goes off on Hunter at work when he's acting like an ass. Eddie is late for dinner and calls her outside to tell her that he needs to tell her something first. 

Maggie is cleared and has a clean bill of health. She and Gary are happy living together. Delilah tells Gary about Jon, and Maggie feels that Gary has been blaming himself and following the footsteps of Jon. Gary goes to tell Jon goodbye at his gravestone.

Regina and Rome go car shopping. Rome decides that he wants kids. Regina still doesn't. 

A Million Little Things
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