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Gary runs into Maggie while running. She encourages him to go to their mutual friend's remission party..

Delilah checks in on her father.

His alzheimers is so bad he forgot what he's supposed to look like.

Katherine and Eddie try to prepare Theo for an appointment with a counselor, he doesn't want to go.

The Howards look at potential kids to adopt.

Delilah catches Sophie making out with someday employee Jake in the freezer.

Rome tells gina that a birth mother is into them and wants to meet. Gina is glowing. She's neverous and wants to make the best impression

. Maggie tells regina about Gary checking up on her. She doesn't want to date him again right now but she misses being his friend and she doesn't know if it's fair for her to ask him to be that.

Katherine talks about her issues with the therapist hoping that Theo will join in and open up. Theo does a little.

Delilah tries to pick Sophie up from school to spend time with her, but sophie calls her out on cheating on Jon when Delilah expresses concern she's dating an older boy.

The facility calls and tells Delilah her father is missing. Sophie jumps in to help look for him. Delilah is annoyed and isn't ready to deal with Sophie while looking for her father.

Rome and Gina meet Eve their potential birth mom. They all get along but she gets cagey when the birth father is mentioned. It sounds like he doesn't know she's pregnant.

Theo opens up a little in therapy and insists he's fine. He doesn't know if he deserves to be happy.

Maggie and Gary arrive at the party at thr same time.

Sophie realizes that her grandfather was going to make pizza and figures out where he went. She takes the car without telling Delilah and finds him at the store. He forgot he was getting sausage for pizza Friday.

Papa mistakes Sophie delilah and talks about how neglectful of a husband john was and how alone Delilah felt.

It gives sophie insight into how her mother was feeling and why she cheated.

The party was hard because Gary is getting blamed for being separated from Maggie.

He tells Maggie he saw his mom.

Sophie apologizes and connects with her mom.

Regina wants to decline Eve. Rome is upset about it and questions if she's having doubts.

Katherine tells Eddie what happened with the therapist. She blames herself for making Theo that way and admits that she does the same thing.

Maggie and Gary's friend breaks down at her party. Everyone comforts her and Maggie tells her about how they'll all be there and she has to stay positive. She says Gary is the one who helped her through.

When Theo freaks out after spilling his food, Eddie and Katherine use it to have a food fight and remind him that it's OK to not be in control sometimes. Theo says he wants to keep seeing Susan.

Gary thinks about telling Maggie that he's sorry and loves her, but she stops him and says they should be friends before he can.

After hearing that Eve is hiding from an abusive ex, they decide to adopt her baby again. But then Eve gets a call from her ex.

A Million Little Things
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A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Eddie: You give your child the next Citizen Kane, and all I've given mine is stress and anxiety.
Gary: How is little man? Gotta make sure he's all fixed and proper before I become his guardian. 

Eddie: We just thought you might want to talk to someone about what you're going through.
Theo: I'm not going through anything.