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Gina and Rome go with Eve to see a sonogram. They're super nervous and excited. Eve doesn't want to know the gender to make things easier on her.

They noticed some burning markings on her shoulder when her gown slips and she tries to hide them.

Danny asks Delilah if he can have a sleepover with a friend. After she agrees, he says he'll call Elliott. Gary makes fun of Delilah for being hoodwinked into hosting a sleepover for Danny and his boyfriend.

Dakota comes over for practice. She and Theo hit it off.

Maggie gets testing to see it her cancer came back.

Danny gets a text that elliott will be leaving town next week because his father got a job.

They go to drop eve off but she sees her ex boyfriends car. She freaks out. They take her to their apartment, but she's already planning to run away again. She says she left after he threw a lot of boiling water at her.

Rome wants her to stay with them, but Gina knows they can't make that decision for her.

Theo becomes frigid with Dakota when she and Eddie are joking around too much. When Eddie calls him out on it, Theo wonders if Dakota is a friend like Delilah was one and if Eddie will have a baby with her too.

Maggie calls delilah to support her when she has to wait an hour for her testing results.

When delilah tries to sneak out, Gary catches her and admits that he knows about the appointment. He had it on his calendar.

Maggie is in the clear, but she now understands Gary's outlook about only being okay six months at a time.

Elliott and danny enjoy their date but it is bittersweet.

Gina calls katherine. She comes to help start the restraining order process with Eve. Gina also told Eve about her past with her uncle who molested her.

Katherine helps with filing a restraining on her own time and dime. Eve works at Someday and moves into a safehouse.

Danny says goodbye to Elliott. It inspires Gary to talk to Maggie. He finds out she's in the clear. They have a friendly chat.

Katherine talks to Theo about forgiving Eddie and being friends with Jon. He also talks to Eddie and he tells Theo that he makes a promise and plans to keep it.

Gary finds pot in sophie's bag and tells Delilah.

A Million Little Things
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