A Million Little Things Round Table: Is it Time to Tell the Kids the Truth About Charlie?

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The gang dropped everything to help Gary find Colin on A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 6.

PJ also was incorporated into the group more, and Katherine had an honest talk with Delilah.

Join AMLT Fanatics Jack Ori, Meaghan Frey, and Christine Orlando as they discuss the hour.

A Million Little Things Round Table

Did you find it unusual that nearly the entire gang dropped everything to help Gary find Colin? How about Eddie taking on the Jon role with Gary?

Jack: I didn't think it was that unusual. Colin is an important part of Gary's life, and the gang pretty much bands together every time anything happens.

I liked Eddie taking on the Jon role. It's a much better look for him than that pining over Delilah he was doing last season.

Meaghan: With this group? Absolutely not one bit unusual.

They are the fiercest of friends. It wouldn’t surprise me if one of them stubbed their toe and they all came over for emotional support.

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I am a little surprised that Eddie stepped up to the plate. It is just another sign of how much he is growing as a person this season.

Bro-ing It Out - Tall  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 6

Christine: Who doesn’t wish they had friends like this? I thought it was very sweet with one exception.

I know Delilah was doing the podcast, but it stood out how everyone else helped, even Katherine offered to watch Charlie so that Eddie could be there, but Delilah wasn’t there when the group has constantly dropped everything to be there for her.

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As for Eddie, this is a good look for him. I despised Eddie for being such a whiner and a cheater when this show first began, but he’s stepped up and put the effort into being a better man and it shows.

What should Gary do now that he knows Colin could belong to another family?

Jack: We need more information.

Like, what the other family was like. Did Colin run away by accident or because he was being mistreated? That's an important factor in this whole thing.

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Gary probably should contact the other family, I guess and see what can be worked out, assuming they weren't abusive.

Colin and Gary are attached to each other, but if the other family has been missing their dog for a year they have the right to know he's safe and to be reunited with him.

Pulled Over - tall  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 6

Meaghan: It is such a tricky situation. Gary didn't steal Colin, he saved him. He shouldn't be punished for that.

However, he also needs to put himself in the shoes of that other family and think about how they must have been feeling this whole past year.

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Christine: It’s a horrible situation. I know someone who’s dog got loose from their yard and they haven’t found him. It’s been months and the kids are devastated.

The family who lost Colin cared enough to make those posters. Gary needs to contact them and meet with them. Gary was broken-hearted for a day without Colin, imagine going through that for a whole year.

PJ and Sophie met and have got along well. Any thoughts?

Jack: They were cute together. PJ was actually tolerable.

If they do the soapy "actually you can't date because you're half-siblings" thing, I am going to be extremely annoyed. And I thought PJ's real father was Jon's friend that died on 9-11. Why does it need to shift to his father being Jon?

Meaghan: I agree with Jack. PJ was finally not completely annoying. But if they choose to go the route of having them be siblings I'm going to be annoyed. AMT is so much better than that.

Jon's Girl - Tall  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 6

Christine: Sophie and PJ are cute together but I don’t care about them more than that. PJ being Jon’s son just seems so far-fetched after everything that has happened. I hope they don’t go there, but then I don’t know what purpose PJ serves in this story if he isn't Jon's son.

Did Delilah's podcast on grief meet your expectations?

Jack: I didn't have any expectations for this, so I guess it met them. LOL.

I thought the interviewer's question about Delilah's pregnancy was stupid and not fully on-topic. A question about how did she handle being pregnant after her husband's death would have been more appropriate.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton - tall - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 6

Meaghan: I was a little indifferent towards the whole thing. I don't find Delilah likable on her own, so separating her from the group is never a good idea in my eyes.

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Christine: I expected more. For me, it somehow lacked emotion and just came across as another way to poke at the fact that Charlie isn’t really Jon’s child.

Katherine not only volunteered to take care of Charlie, but she told Delilah they need to tell the truth. React.

Jack: Katherine's right that they need to tell the truth, though I doubt Delilah will listen. It was good to see Katherine coming to terms with the situation.

If all were out in the open, she'd be Charley's step-mom (assuming she stays with Eddie), so it was nice to see her bond with the baby and especially to realize that neither she nor the child had any reason to be ashamed.

Siblings? Or Not? - Tall  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 6

Meaghan: I have so much respect for Katherine as a character. It takes an incredibly strong person to be able to not only be able to face the reality of this situation but uses it to grow.

Katherine is right that they need to come clean to the kids. It is what is best for everyone involved. The kids deserve the truth and Charlie deserves a dad.

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Christine: Delilah is being naive. At some point, the truth will come out and her kids will feel angry and betrayed.

They’ve gotten past the initial shock of Jon’s death, and it’s time to tell them the truth. It’s going to be difficult, but they can get through it and both families can be stronger for it.

What was the most surprising shocking moment? What was your favorite moment?

Jack: I was surprised that Eric had the sense to excise himself from Maggie's life. I liked Eddie's advice to Gary, and also loved it when Sophie explained to PJ the significance of the candy she bought.

I was also glad when they found Colin. I thought I saw him wander into the open garage when Maggie was on the phone and was confused as to why nobody looked there first, since that's where she was when she took the leash off.

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Also, when Gary got his hopes up only to find that the dog in the shelter wasn't Colin, that was such a devastating moment.

Adult Supervision - Tall  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 6

Meaghan: Most surprising was probably the fact that I didn’t want to throw anything at the screen when PJ was on. Well, maybe a little when his dad pulled up and he lied about Sophie being his girlfriend.

For some reason, I found that annoying.

Favorite moment was Catherine unloading her baggage on the poor mom in the park. I laughed out loud as the other mom fled the scene.

Siblings? Or Not? - Tall  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 6

Christine: That Andrew’s wife is still alive!

I get why he tells acquaintances that his wife is dead, but he’s known Delilah for a long time now, and I found it disconcerting that he waited so long to tell her the truth. It makes me wonder what else he might be lying about.

Eric's Dilemma - Tall  - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 6

My favorite moment was Katherine realizing that neither she nor Charlie have anything to be ashamed about. Neither of them has done anything wrong.

Katherine’s right in that keeping this secret will only bring them all down when they could be lifting one another up.

Who was the MVP?

Jack: Definitely Katherine this week. It has to be so hard for her to be around Charley, but she stepped up and even lost her shame about the whole thing.

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Meaghan: 100% Katherine. With Maggie frustrating me this season, Katherine is slowly becoming my new favorite character. Every week she just keeps getting better and better.

The Suitcase - A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 3

Christine: Since everyone else has chosen Katherine, I’m going to go with Eddie and his advice to Gary. It’s never too late to redefine your relationship.

Eddie’s growth has been a joy to watch this season and I hope it continues. I loved seeing him be there for Gary instead of the other way around.

Do you agree with our Round Table, AMLT Fanatics? 

Hit the comments below with your thoughts and feelings. 

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A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Rome: I know you really want to do this, but Maggie knows you from therapy, and with Gary being all upset about Colin, what no one needs right now is you asking a bunch of questions. So if we are going to do this--Gina: C'MON GUYS!
Rome: Which apparently we are, then I'm going to need you to promise me that you are going to keep your mouth shut.
PJ: I'm an awkward teenager battling depression. Keeping my mouth shut is kinda my thing.

Delilah: You sure Katherine is OK with you watching Charlie?
Eddie: Totally. She's been so supportive. Somehow, someway, we're getting there. And how's Andrew and his incredible quaff. 
Delilah: His quaff is great.