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  • Regina goes looking for her vicodin when her back starts hurting, and she can't find them. She flashes to when she talked about finding a pill onthe floor before Rome told her about his suicide attempt. 
  • She confronts Rome about it.and he tells her that he didn't take them. She wonders who did, and Rome thinks about Eddie.
  • Gary listens to all of Maggie's frantic messages about her podcast. While she wonders if he has anything to say about it. She and Jamie also resume their friends with benefits relationship. 
  • Katherine realizes that Theo's classmates are being racist against him because of the Coronavirus.
  • Daniel tells Gary about the podcast and what Maggie was saying on it.
  • Katherine tells Eddie that Theo's classmates are being racist. 
  • Rome asks Eddie about the pills. Eddie gets defensive, and Rome realizes that Eddie did take them. He tells Gina, that he'll run things by Gary first to determine the best way to deal with it
  • Rome tells Gina that he has some concerns about Tyrell and knows that he must be hiding something.
  • Katherine confides in Alan about the racism that Theo faces, and he can understand. They share their experiences and what it's like growing up Asian-American.
  • Gina tries to get to the bottom of Tyrells' homelife situation.
  • Gary confronts Maggie about the podcast and Jamie can't help but butt in on occasion
  • Eddie overhears a neighbor making a racist comment toward Theo and sends him home. He proceeds to smashing up the guy's car (a Nissan, ironically) until Theo comes back, sees him, and begs him to stop. Theo runs up into his room where Eddie can't get to him and refsuses to come out because he's scared. 
  • Rome is still upset that Gina thought he could take the pills.
  • Darcy talks to Maggie about a retreat that she could go to for her PTSD.
  • Jamie spills the beans about the podcast accidntally to Darcy.
  • Gina goes to Tyrell's apartment to deliver food and CPS and authorities are there looking for him. When she returns to the restaurant he's there and shares that his mother was an EMT, but she wasn't born in the States and got deported. 
  • Rome and Gary find Eddie trying to get up the stairs. He tells them everything. 
  • Rome talks to Theo about his own experiences with racism and how his father tried to protect him. 
  • Gary lays into Eddie and vows to help him. Eddie tells Katherine the truth when she gets home with food to spend time with Theo and teach him about his culture. 
  • Tyrell tells them that his mother was taken by ICE, and he's staying with them.
A Million Little Things
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A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

We're still friends even if our benefits ran out.


Gina: Babe, the Vicodin from my wrist surgery is missing. I keep thinking about the pill I found on the floor and how I didn't say anything, how I almost lost you, so I need to know do you have them?
Rome: No, I promise you, I'm OK. I'm not in that place anymore.
Gina: OK but if you didn't take them, who did?