A Student in Need - Accused
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Jack is led into the courtroom. People sneer at him, calling him a rapist and a baby killer.
He tries to get his ex-fiance’s attention, but she won’t look at him.
 His lawyer makes him sit down, but he continues to look at Britney.

Jack is a theater and English teacher; he is playful with the students.
A student, Clara, seems distracted, and he checks in with her.
His fiancee comes to get him and gently chides him for overstepping with the students.

He realizes he has forgotten his bag and runs back to the theater. Clara is attempting to hang herself on the stage.

He fights to get her down, and she pleads with him not to tell anyone. She finally admits she is pregnant, and her religious parents would scorn her. She can’t have the baby; she would rather die.

He asks Clara if someone has hurt her.

She tells him she got pregnant by a football player named Richie. He has a girlfriend, Shelly, and she refuses to tell him.

He tells her she has options. She mentions adoption and that her parents would find out. He mentions other options. She asks if he means abortion. Then he says it’s up to her.
She says abortion is illegal in their state and she doesn’t have anyone to drive her to get an abortion.
He promises her they will figure it out.

In court, the prosecutor accuses him of grooming the children and abusing his power.

Clara looks at abortion booking sites and is interrupted by her mom. Her mom checks on her, but she doesn’t want to ride with them to get a new car.
Her mother and stepfather try to convince her to come with them, but she refuses and continues her online search. She texts Jack asking if she should make the appointment she found at an abortion clinic. He sends her a thumbs-up,

Britney comes in with a hangover. He didn’t make it the night before.
She asks him about Dustin. He lies and says he will drive down with Dustin and miss her family bbq. They joke about her family loving sports so that Jack wouldn’t enjoy it anyway.

They hug and joke about setting a date for their wedding.

He picks Clara up in a secluded area.

She tells him it’s okay If he wants to change his mind.
They drive, and she sleeps.
Protestors are outside the clinic, and she recounts how she stood outside an abortion clinic once when she was younger.

He offers to pay for the abortion in cash and be her emergency contact.
The doctor says they will do an ultrasound; if she’s further along, she may need a medical procedure.
He fills out the form in the waiting room and stalls on his relationship with the patient. He puts friend.

She is measuring seven weeks, and they give her two pills; one to take now and the other in 24 hours. She wants the surgery but takes the pill.
The doctor warns about heavy bleeding.

She protests that she has school on Monday, and the doctor tells her to bring extra pads.

Britney calls from the family bbq. He tells her they can talk over dinner.
The doc gives her clear instructions, and they head home. She gives him a big hug and thanks him.

On the way home, Jack and Clara talk about marriage and how her dad left, and then her mom met a Christian who owned a hardware store. They struggled when her dad left, so her mom is happy now.

Britney takes the stand in court and swears on the Bible to tell the truth.
Returning from New Mexico, Jack picks up Britney and hugs her. He tells her more lies about Dustin.

She laughs and regales him with the bbq story.
She finds a trinket belonging to Clara in his car.
He jokes about the find and says his desk is messier.

In court, Britney testifies that they had a loving and fun relationship. she broke off the engagement after the arrest.

Clara turns in her Hamlet paper, and he checks on her. She is doing well. They run into Richie. Richie asks to talk to Fletch about sex. He responds that he barely knows the counselor.
He says that Shelly wants to have sex, but he’s a virgin.

This proves that Clara is lying about him being the dad.

Jack confronts Clara in the theater. We need to talk. Why did she lie about Richie?
She protests and insists it was Richie’s baby. He asks Clara if she is protecting someone. And it is revealed she is protecting her stepfather.

She says no one will believe her because he teaches Sunday school, which would destroy her mom.
He replies that he will report it to the police. Clara warns him he will lose his job.
He responds that he has to report it.

He calls Britney and tells her he needs to talk to her now. He insists she misses a meeting.
As he waits for her to arrive, he googles the penal code and sees that he is an accomplice for abortion.

Britney steps out, and he tells her the truth that Clara he was pregnant.
 And that he took her to New Mexico to get an abortion.

She says she wouldn’t have lied. Jack tells her she’s going to the police. The police interrupt their moment to arrest him for statutory rape before he tells her what happened.

In court, Clara is called to testify. She says the depositions are accurate. She claims Jack was sexual with her. Jack begs her not to lie in open court. The judge tells him he will be removed.

Britney comes to see in jail and seems to believe he raped Clara. He tells her it’s her stepfather. Britney is devastated by his actions, and she breaks up with Jack.

Her mom got pregnant at 19 and was walking into an abortion clinic, and someone convinced her to keep her. So for her, it’s more than faith; it’s who she is.

On the stand, Clara denies her stepfather raped her. She says Jack paid for the ab with cash. The prosecutor makes it seem like he did it to avoid a record of wrongdoing.

Clara lies about him driving her home during the spring because baseball was on the radio. She makes up stories about him staying late.
Jack texts Britney. When have I ever listened to sports on the radio?

Outside the courtroom, the stepfather intervenes with Clara and her mother. He keeps his hand on her arm and dismisses her mom. Britney appeals to Mrs. Palmer’s Christianity and tells her that Clara is lying. Her stepfather threatens Clara in the background. Britney confronts Mr. Palmer who tries to bully Britney into backing down. Mrs. Palmer stands up for her child, realizing her husband is the perpetrator.
She screams at her husband and gathers her daughter in her arms.

Jack’s attorney comes into empty courtroom to tell Jack that Clara has recanted and her stepfather has been taken into custody. All charges have been dismissed except transporting a minor across state lines. He will lose his teacher’s license in Texas, but won’t be a registered sex offender. He credits Britney with the win.

Britney walks into the courtroom, and he thanks you. They miss each other, but she can’t get past what he did. She leaves.

Later, as a free man, he sits in the theater and Clara comes in. He has his belongings in the box because he has lost his job. They make mention that they are both out of the show. She tells herself she doesn’t deserve him to be nice to her. He tells her they are okay and wants her to be okay.


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Accused Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Britney: I planned my life around you.
Jack: We can still have that life.
Britney: How? I don’t even know who you are.

Mr. Fletcher would like the world to see him as a caring educator, an enthusiastic teacher, but that is not what this man is…this man is a predator.