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After the best man's toast at a Navy wedding, bodies begin to drop like dominoes. They had been poisoned by HYDRA.

Having reverse engineered the obelisk, they decided to do a test run. What better place than a wedding? Seriously, several of the dead were part of an anti-HYDRA unit. Therefore, they simply killed two birds with one stone.

After this terrible tragedy S.H.I.E.L.D. regroups to discuss a course of action. Skye instantly notices the mysterious alien writing carved on Coulson's desk. She questions him about it but he does not wish to discuss it. Agent May warns him that keeping Skye in the dark won't end well.

Skye is not one to take no for an answer which leads her to Ex-Agent Ward. The traitor shares that carving the alien writing drove Garrett insane. Skye realizes she did not have a negative reaction to the GH formula. What exactly does this mean?

Elsewhere, Raina's 48 hour timeline is winding down. Desperate to avoid HYDRA's backlash, she turns to Skye's father who is in possession of the obelisk. The doctor refuses to turn it over to her and warns she should fear him more than Whitehall.

Speaking of Whitehall, at HYDRA headquarters Simmons is questioned directly about the failed test. Yes, Whitehall knows her by name and that can't be a good thing. We soon learn his goal is to weaponize the obelisk much as the Red Skull did with the Tesseract.

The thought HYDRA could potentially kill millions with this technology causes Simmons to warn S.H.I.E.L.D. Unfortunately, the transmission is discovered making the evil organization aware they have a mole.

Bobbi Morse, Security Chief for HYDRA is sent in to investigate.

The woman questions Simmons but the clever scientist has planted her S.H.I.E.L.D. flex screen safely in her lab partners desk. While that's certainly not good for him, Simmons' cover is safe a while longer.

Raina turns to Director Coulson after the Doc refuses to help her. The slippery lady in the flower dress is aware Simmons is undercover and threatens to expose her unless Skye comes with her. When Coulson declines, Raina transmits a recent photo of Simmons holding S.H.I.E.L.D. tech.

Simmons return to her lab and all eyes are on her. She spots the damning photo on her computer and makes a run for it.

The deadly Bobbie Morse is headed right for her but to her surprise the woman takes down the HYDRA agents. That's right, Morse is a double agent as well and her mission was to watch over Simmons. The two women head for the roof where an extraction team awaits.

Fitz is finally reunited with the real Simmons and the old friends take the first step in rebuilding their relationship.

Skye learned the whereabouts of her father during Coulson's meeting with Raina. She stubbornly sets out to meet him. However, when she arrives at the location the man is no where to be found. He did leave behind a couple of dead bodies nearby.

Skye now understands her father is a monster and promises to help Coulson take him down. The Doctor hears all this via a hidden clock camera. With Skye convinced he's a monster, the man turns to Whitehall and HYDRA. They strike a deal, the obelisk in exchange for Coulson's life.

Coulson agrees to be completely honest with Skye. The first thing he does is to reveal his latest alien carving artwork on the wall. He confesses he's frustrated because he still has no idea what it means. "It's a map" Skye informs him. Yes, she can read this map but more importantly is why she can read it? Does this make her extraterrestrial somehow?

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Simmons: Fitz this is a good thing. You've got friends now, real friends you don't need me anymore.
Fitz: Yeah but I miss you. I mean, I still miss her.

You know keeping her in the dark won't end well.