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Nathaniel Malick approaches John Garrett at a S.H.I.E.L.D. hangout and tells him his future.

The team goes to the Lighthouse to set up base and figure out how to stop Nathaniel.

A new countdown for the next Zephyr jump didn't start after they fixed the time drive, even though it is stable now.

Simmons sends their coordinates to Jiaying. Jiaying and Gordon teleport to the Lighthouse.

Nathaniel shows Garrett around Afterlife. Garrett goes into the time stream and meets Sybil.

Nathaniel is stealing the Inhumans' powers and giving them to other people he thinks are more worthy of having powers.

Kora kills Li.

Coulson and Gordon go to Afterlife to find the prisoners. Nathaniel expected them and takes them prisoner.

Garrett steals Gordon's powers.

Mack goes to Afterlife to find Coulson while Yo-Yo stays back on the quinjet.

Daisy tells Jiaying that they're from the future. She shows Jiaying her powers and tells her that she has been to Afterlife.

Garrett and Nathaniel teleport to the Lighthouse.

Gordon uses his last bit of strength to teleport him and Coulson out of the room they were being held in. He dies.

Mack finds Coulson. Yo-Yo joins them. Mack and Yo-Yo release the Inhuman hostages at Afterlife.

Nathaniel tells Jiaying that Daisy is her daughter.

Nathaniel kills Jiaying.

Coulson gets Kora and brings her to the quinjet.

Garrett kidnaps Simmons and takes her to the Zephyr. Deke is onboard as well.

Nathaniel wants Simmons to take them to Fitz.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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