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Spencer and Layla are studying at Spencer's house. The studying is quickly abandoned until his mom interrupts them. 

Coop is about to be evicted from Shawn's place because she's too young to take over his lease unless she's been emancipated. 

Olivia finds a bottle of pills and flashes back to when she used to get high. She doesn't show up to class and instead goes to see her sponsor. Spencer is concerned for her. 

A flashback shows Spencer getting into a fight over jealousy. It's clear he doesn't want to make the same mistakes with Layla.

Olvia's frustrated that her parents don't seem to have time for her. 

Coop's dad shows up unexpectedly and she is excited to see him. He tells her that he and her mom want her home and that they are ready to accept her. 

Layla remembers that it's Olivia's one year of being sober and congratulates her. She expresses that she's been having a hard day. She encourages her to tell her family how she's feeling. 

Spencer and Layla get into a fight over Asher living with Layla. Layla feels he doesn't trust her. 

Olivia tells her family that she feels invisible and that she still needs their help and support. Jordan apologizes for not saying something back when he knew she was using. 

Coop and Spencer have breakfast with Coop's parents, but it doesn't go well. Her mom still hasn't changed her mind. They find out that Tyronne played a part in Coop's dad reaching out. 

Asher and Spencer talk it out and agree to make some new plays for the team. 

Coop's dad tells her he still wants to be in her life. He gives her the emancipation papers. 

Layla assures Spencer that she's not going anywhere. They make up. 

Olivia gets her one-year sobriety medallion and her whole family is there to witness it. 

Billy admits to Laura that he swapped out Jordan's urine sample. Jordan overhears it. 

All American
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All American Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Olivia: How are you and Layla? Look, I'm sorry if the whole Asher thing is causing problems, I really didn't mean to stir anything up.
Spencer: I know. We just jumped into everything so fast, man. I just don't want it to end before it's even gotten started, that's all.
Olivia: Then don't let it.

Layla: We're supposed to be studying chemistry.
Spencer: We are. We're studying our chemistry.
Layla: That was corny as hell.