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Corey wants to talk to Spencer, but he's not having it. 

Coop is having nightmares about Shawn. Patience is worried about her. 

Dillon is making a list for his birthday. Spencer plans to help make it perfect for him. They decide not to tell Dillon about Corey's return. 

Coop questions if throwing Dillon's party in the park is going to anger Tyrone. It does, and Flip gets between him and Spencer. He tells him to stay away from the party. 

Asher turns Layla's house into a casino. She's obviously not happy and wants him to reach out to his dad. Asher says his love is conditional and he doesn't need him. 

Corey shows up to give a gift to Dillon, but Spencer doesn't let him in the house. 

Willie accuses Jordan of being too comfortable, unlike Spencer who had to fight for his place on the team. 

Dillon invited Micah to the party without Grace's knowledge. 

Patience tells Spencer about Coop's nightmares. He confronts her about it. Coop tells Preach she can't do the job with him and that she'll deal with Tyrone. 

Spencer takes Layla home and they discover she's been robbed. 

Billy is upset that Jordan missed the party by spending the day with Willie. 

Coop talks to Laura about trying to get Preach to rat on Tyrone. 

Layla is upset with Asher for bringing strangers into her home and turning off her security cameras. She asks him to leave. 

Spencer confronts Tyrone about the robbery and he pulls a gun on him. Corey shows up before Tyrone can pull the trigger. 

The robbery turned out to be unrelated to Tyrone and Asher's party. She invites Asher back, but he tells her he is giving his dad a second chance. 

Grace tells Spencer she wasn't completely honest about why Corey left. 

Billy offers to pay Willie to stay away from Jordan. 

Spencer confronts Corey. He left because Grace and Billy had an affair. Spencer wants to know why he's back. 

All American
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All American Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Spencer: Maybe we should move the party, man.
Flip: Hell no. Listen, Tyrone may be a lot of things, but one thing he ain't? Stupid enough to cross me. The party stays.

Some people are lucky enough to have seventy birthdays in their lifetime. Gotta make each one count.