All American Season 1 Episode 14 Review: Regulate

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Well, the cat is out of the bag. 

We finally learned on All American Season 1 Episode 14 why Corey left all those years ago. 

Was it a good reason? 

Spencer's Dad - Tall - All American Season 1 Episode 14

The short answer? Nope. 

I can understand why he left Grace. Affairs end marriages all the time, and no one would blame him for wanting a divorce. 

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That's no excuse for abandoning his children though. 

Families learn how to move on after divorce. It's not easy, but kids learn to adapt to two households all the time. They could have visited their dad on school breaks. 

Honestly, it doesn't make sense to me, which means there's probably still more to the story that hasn't been revealed. 

Billy: Why are you back now, Corey?
Corey: I miss my family. Always have. I just never seem to find the right time to pick up the phone. Then when Willie called, I realized that if I kept waiting for the right time, I'd be waiting forever.

Spencer confronted his dad about why he really came back, and we'll have to wait to find out that answer. It's not going to be as simple as Spencer is going places and Corey wants to jump on the bandwagon. 

It's possible he is still harboring resentment and wants to destroy Grace and Billy's lives, and Willie's phone call motivated him to take action now, but that seems doubtful to me too. 

Maybe he really does just want his family back. Or, maybe there's a fourth option Spencer hasn't considered. 

Present - All American Season 1 Episode 14

Whatever it is, my guess is he won't be sticking around for long. 

I just don't see Corey being re-integrated into their lives after all of these years.

It feels more like an opportunity for Spencer to get some closure and stop harboring his own resentment. 

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Maybe he will have an opportunity to forgive his father and release the pent-up anger he's been hanging onto for so long. 

I really hope Corey's objective is not to ruin Grace's chances at happiness with Micah or to destroy Billy's family. 

Laura - All American Season 1 Episode 14

It's going to be a problem for Spencer being that he lives in Billy's house. Does Laura know about the affair? 

She most likely does, but Jordan and Olivia are probably in the dark. Billy has so many secrets. 

He kept Willie from them and that's not working out so well for him either. 

Jordan is dead set on having his grandfather in his life, no matter how toxic that relationship might be.

Will he accept Billy's money or for once in his life choose his family? 

Arms Crossed - All American Season 1 Episode 14

It wouldn't surprise me if Billy was testing him. 

If he refuses the money, perhaps he'll believe he's changed and feel more comfortable with Jordan spending time with him.

If he accepts it, then he'll know he was right all along and feel that he's protecting Jordan from future heartbreak. 

I appreciated that Billy was looking out for Spencer's best interests, even if doing so wasn't necessarily in his own.

He wasn't about to let Corey threaten him into pushing Spencer into something he didn't want to do.

Ice Cream - All American Season 1 Episode 14

Instead, Billy helped Spencer realize that talking to Corey would be good for him. 

Coop: It ain't that easy.
Spencer: No, you know what ain't easy? Knowing that my best friend's life is headed for a box. Either a pine one or a 6x8 cell.

Coop is having nightmares about Shawn's death, and everyone is worried about her, as they should be. 

Things are heating up in her mission to bring down Tyrone, and she even surprisingly went to Laura for help. 

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I'm not sure that what Preach was implying was what Coop had in mind.

Will she be able to convince him to snitch on him or will Preach take matters into his own hands?

Spencer and Coop - All American Season 1 Episode 14

More violence is the last thing that they need. Every time someone is killed, someone else wants revenge, and it's a never-ending cycle of murder and ruined lives. 

The faster Coop gets herself out of this life, the better. 

He already reached out to me, Layla. I'm back on a winning team making a run for State, of course he wants me back now. His love is conditional. I don't need him.


Spencer wasn't the only one with daddy issues. 

Asher's dad has been reaching out to him, and who can blame him for ignoring those texts?

His dad kicked him out of the house because he wasn't playing football anymore.

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I'm not saying Asher didn't deserve to be punished for his stupid antics, but that's why grounding was invented. 

He only wants him back because he's back on the team, and I fear that Asher is only going back because he knows he's cramping Layla's space. 

Hopefully, Asher's dad won't let him down again, but it feels unlikely. 

Layla and Patience - All American Season 1 Episode 14

Where was Olivia? 

She finally appeared at the end to keep Layla company but was otherwise M.I.A.

We know why Jordan missed Dillon's party, but why wasn't she there?

She has mostly been Asher's support system, so it's surprising that he didn't go to her when his dad reached out.

Maybe he's the one who contacted her to go over to Layla's. 

It was pretty obvious to me that the robbery was going to turn out to be unrelated to both Tyrone and Asher's casino night.

Brotherly Love - All American Season 1 Episode 14

It served as an opportunity to force Corey into Spencer's life and Asher to reevaluate his living situation. 

Still, even though we knew he wouldn't pull the trigger, Tyrone pointing a gun at Spencer's head was pretty intense.

Your turn!

Why do you think Corey is back?

Will Willie take Billy's money?

Do you think Laura knows about the affair?

Hit the comments and don't forget to watch All American online

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All American Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Spencer: Maybe we should move the party, man.
Flip: Hell no. Listen, Tyrone may be a lot of things, but one thing he ain't? Stupid enough to cross me. The party stays.

Some people are lucky enough to have seventy birthdays in their lifetime. Gotta make each one count.