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Olivia launches her podcast to publicize what's happening to blacks outside her "Beverly Hills bubble." Darnell is trying to coax Spencer back to football. Olivia catches up Layla on what she missed. Olivia is preparing for her SoLA cotillion. Asher is ignoring Olivia in favor of football. Former Super Bowl MVP Matt Springer is monitoring Beverly High's practices for a couple of days. Spencer gets into it with Tyrone, who threatens Coop and Laura. Coop's mom buys her a jacket for the cotillion. Springer offers to hold extra practice for Jordan and Asher, who blows off Olivia's dance practice. KIa's uncle gives Spencer a gun for protection. Kia suggests that Jordan be her escort while Spencer escorts Olivia. Then Olivia confronts Asher in the locker room where they have it out. Coop is insecure about Patience's ex Luna hanging around. Spencer warns Tyrone to stay away from Coop and Laura. Billy cautions Asher about being so single-minded about football and suggests he come to the cotillion. Jordan escorts a nervous Layla to her table. After the couples' introductions, they perform the cotillion dance. Jordan cuts in with Kia so Layla can dance with Spencer. Olivia looks up Luna on social media for Coop. Spencer pulls back when Layla starts to kiss him, because he had read that people in the early stages of recovery shouldn't get into relationships. He tells her he'll wait. Coop finds out Luna was the girl who helped Patience come out. Patience tells Coop that she's suffocating her and that she wants a break. Olivia Baker is named outstanding cotillionaire. Asher shows up right after Olivia's speech and they get into an argument. Jordan tells Billy that Matt Springer is trying to take his job. Spencer is shot in a drive-by.

All American
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All American Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

You're too damned good to walk away.

Darnell [to Spencer]

This world is not OK and it's a lot closer than you think.