All American Season 2 Episode 10 Review: Protect Ya Neck

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Poor Spencer. 

He kept doing everything right on All American Season 2 Episode 10 and ended up paying for it.

Maybe he should just be back to playing football and stop being so damned enlightened.

SoLA Muse Cotillion -- Tall - All American Season 2 Episode 10

Having the time to get more involved with other people's lives just didn't pay off for him.

He meant well, trying to help out Kia then Olivia with the cotillion and protect Coop and Laura from Tyrone. He also assisted Layla with her recovery.

Fancy Presentation - All American Season 2 Episode 10

He did fine with the first and third actions. The second, not so much.

Let's start on the football field since that's been pretty rare on All American Season 2.

Shouldn't Billy have been a little more aware?

I mean, why would a former Super Bowl MVP just show up at Beverly High to observe football practice? Surely Matt Springer owns a car lot he could be supervising instead.

But no, head booster Cliff Mosley, still seeking to be the puppetmaster of the football program, brought in Matt.

Practice Visitor - All American Season 2 Episode 10

After all Billy's efforts to stake out his autonomy, shouldn't that move have made him a little suspicious?

Hell, even Jordan got suspicious when Matt singled out him and Asher for special treatment, and he's often the most clueless of the bunch.

Asher, of course, didn't catch on. He was hellbent on being the squad's star wide receiver, replacing the retired Spencer.

It makes sense that Asher, estranged from both parents, would be seeking a new family in the form of the football team.

In doing so, however, he severely damaged the only other relationship he had, with his girlfriend Olivia.

Team Leaders - All American Season 2 Episode 10

Even Billy saw how badly Asher was dropping the ball and tried to lay some wisdom on him about not letting football be so all-consuming of him.

Olivia had already benched Asher for standing her up at her cotillion dance practices, the last time in order for him to have a special workout with Matt.

She got why that was important for him, but he was clueless about why the cotillion held meaning for her. Think the steroids are making him stupid (stupider)?

Yes, Asher did make it to the cotillion, but just after Olivia's moment in the spotlight. So she wasn't ready to swoon just because he'd found some formalwear and a freeway flower. Nor should she have.

Then he made the mistake of arguing with her at her big event, which he had been dodging for weeks. Dumb, dumb, dumb!

Focused on Football - All American Season 2 Episode 10

But a recovering addict using steroids and in turn pushing his body too hard is just asking for trouble. How long before Asher gets rushed to the ER?

Sadly, Asher wasn't the one making the most ill-considered relationship move.

That honor went to Coop.

Doesn't Coop realize how lucky she is to be in a relationship with Patience (whose name is oh so appropriate)?

Patience gave Coop a pass when she started acting all petty when Layla's producer dad was more interesting in Patience's voice than Coop's rapping on All American Season 2 Episode 6.

Unhappy Couple - All American Season 2 Episode 10

Then Coop got all jealous when he found Patience hanging out with her ex Luna.

Granted, part of this misunderstanding was on Patience, for not mentioning Coop to Luna and for not respecting Coop's wishes to have her keep some distance from Luna.

But Coop was acting like a little bitch. She should have acted like an adult and had some faith in Patience.

Instead, Patience ended up requested a break from the clingy Coop. Great move, Coop!

Now for those making good moves.

Proud Parents - All American Season 2 Episode 10

First among those had to be Olivia, who has made the greatest strides of any character on this series.

Her experience with Crenshaw Cathy on All American Season 2 Episode 9 made homegirl woke.

Olivia's podcast certainly could serve to alert some of her elitist classmates, that is if any of them would take the time to listen.

She also looked past the superficial and discovered for what the SoLA Muse cotillion stood.

It was no surprise when Olivia was named outstanding cotillionaire. She did pull off a great speech, especially the line about having something to decorate her home with now beyond football trophies and recovery chips.

Back in Public - All American Season 2 Episode 10

Too bad her evening ended with the likely breakup with Asher and then Spencer getting shot saving her in the drive-by.

And things had been going so well for Spencer.

First, after having no time last episode, he suddenly had time to hang out to the point of irritating Coop and to learn those fancy-ass dance moves to escort Kia (then Olivia after the trade for Jordan).

Too bad Grace never got to see Spencer in formalwear. But there were so many guest stars that someone had to leave town for the episode.

It was an intriguing switch to have Kia show an interest in Jordan and to have Spencer and Layla reunite.

Late Substitute - All American Season 2 Episode 10

It was sweet that he had done all that research to support her recovery, even if that means they'll wait to become a couple again.

Spencer's big mistake was trying to stare down a gangster such as Tyrone, who was already set on vengeance and had nothing to lose.

It was a great fakeout to have Tyrone chat with Darnell only to have Spencer shot in the end.

Unless someone else shot Spencer. But who else had any reason to?

To recall Spencer from simpler times, watch All American online.

Should Olivia forgive Asher?

Or is Asher headed for a fall?

Is Billy's position in danger?

Comment below.

Protect Ya Neck Review

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