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Spencer is rushed into the emergency room, with Olivia alongside. Both the cop and most of the medical staff think Spencer is a gang banger.  Spencer wants Olivia to tell Coop not to retaliate on Tyrone in his name. Spencer can't feel his hand. Cliff is working behind Billy's back to get him replaced as coach while Billy's tied up with Spencer. A neurosurgeon tells Spencer that if he leaves the bullet in, it would end his football career forever. A complex surgery could remove the bullet but there's a risk that his right side might be left paralyzed. Spencer talks with Layla about his choice. Simone warns Jordan what Cliff is doing. Darnell confronts Tyrone. Then a detective shows up to question Tyrone, who uses Darnell as his alibi, since Spencer was shot at the same time Tyrone was talking to Darnell. Spencer tells Grace he's decided to have the surgery. Preach shows up to stop Coop from going after Tyrone. Jordan warns Billy about the emergency meeting. Asher shows up to support Olivia and Spencer. Spencer undergoes surgery. Olivia showers to wash off the blood. Spencer thinks about Corey while under anesthesia. Preach gets swept up in a police raid before he can kill Tyrone. The neurosurgeon tells Grace all the bullet fragments were removed from Spencer. The whole team confronts Cliff and Principal London about Billy's status. Spencer has full sensation in his extremities and is able to squeeze the doctor's hand. Tyrone threatens Coop that she's next. Cliff gets forced out as lead booster and tells Billy he's always going to be seen as a boy from the hood. Billy thanks Jordan. Billy shows Grace the Crenshaw candlelight vigil for Spencer. Spencer talks about love on Olivia's podcast. Cliff and Coop are going after Tyrone. 


All American
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All American Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Why do I need a neurosurgeon?


This is not your fault. Coop, I need you to be strong.

Spencer [to Coop]