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Spencer returns to South Crenshaw on the first day of school. Coop greets him. But his welcome home isn't universally warm. Olivia meets Vanessa Montes, the new football coach's daughter. Olivia recognizes Vanessa from somewhere and bolts. Coach Montes is a woman, which shocks the team. Asher remains suspended. Coop tells Preach that Mo got him out, which surprises him. They agree Mo's up to something. Billy discovers he has a small squad, in part due to Principal Carter's GPA requirement. Jordan finds out his starting quarterback job may be in jeopardy. Chris and Darnell are jostling to be starting QB at Crenshaw. Coop is shocked by how small her tour check is. Asher is also surprised to see Vanessa. Grace and Spencer go to see a specialist set up by Billy. The doctor suggests Spencer's arm pain may be psychological. Billy finds out the team is having to pay to play this season since Carter cut the team's funding. Carter tells Billy to "get creative." Asher and Vanessa had a fling over the summer. During an argument with Layla, Coop blurts out about J.P. and Patience. Preach and Mo have history. Spencer informs Grace that he feels the weight of the community on his shoulders. Patience suggests that Layla check out the single by J.P.'s latest discovery. Spencer and Billy make up. Billy appeals to Frosto as a representative of the players who left, adding that he's putting his entire salary into funding the team. Layla figures out that J.P. gave one of Patience's songs to the other singer. Jordan kept his starting spot. Billy picks Chris over Darnell. Spencer admits he pushed for Darnell. Layla asks Patience to sign with her. Preach tells Coop to trust Mo. Olivia saw Asher and Vanessa together during her surprise visit. The other Crenshaw players return. 

All American
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All American Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

The only reason you're back here is to fix what you broke. So I hope, for your sake, that you fix it.

Frosto [to Spencer]

Spencer: Baby, I promise you she didn't hear nothing. Even if my mom was awake, you'd never hear her coming. That woman is like a ninja.
Layla: That's comforting.