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Spencer and Chris are riding a city bus back to Beverly Hills. They're going to Beverly to help paint a Black Lives Matter mural proposed by Olivia in the school lobby. Simone texts Jordan that she's having her baby. Spencer relays that news to Olivia. They have been giving each other space all summer. Asher returns a day early. Simone's mother delivers the baby to his adoptive family. Simone has her father send away Jordan. Spencer endures a contentious interview with a sportswriter. Billy and Grace discover that Superintendent D'Angelo Carter, who wants to turn South Crenshaw into a magnet school, is subbing as the school's interim principal. Apparently, bullying by the Crenshaw football team, including Billy, had caused him to transfer to boarding school. Coop and Layla are back from Coop's tour. Patience hasn't explained her leaving the tour early. She tells Coop that Tyrone's older sister Mo, an attorney, is back in town. Laura invites the James family to the Baker family dinner. Alone at the Baker home, Olivia and Asher make up for lost time. Spencer discovers he's been taken out of context in the article about him. At JJ's party, Spencer and Layla pick up where they left off in Vegas, to Olivia's obvious discomfort. There's tension between Spencer and his former teammates at the party. Patience says she left the tour because of J.P. Jordan and Spencer fight. Dillon explained that Jordan is just missing his "brother." To punish Billy, D'Angelo raises the GPA required to play football. Jordan got excused from dinner so Spencer leaves him a heartfelt message. Mo explains to Coop that she's making amends for Tyrone's actions. She got Preach released from prison. Simone apologizes to Jordan. Spencer tells Billy about his arm and Billy arranges for a specialist to see him.

All American
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All American Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Spencer: Y'all gonna see plenty of me. Ain't nothin' gonna change.
Jordan: Except the color of your jersey. And winning the state title this year.

Spencer: Coming back home to Crenshaw after being in Beverly, the city just hits differently. I like sitting here, getting to slowly enjoy it again.
Chris: I'm hot and I'm tired. Whatever nostalgic Kool-Aid you're sipping on, I want no part of that. I just want to get to Beverly before next year.