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The police show up at Olivia's accident site. Spencer claims he was driving to cover for a drinking Olivia. The cops let them off because Laura's the district attorney. Olivia refuses to tell Laura she had been drinking and she and Spencer argue about that. Coop worries about her album since she wants it perfect to prove to her mother that music can be her career. Spencer determines that Olivia has been drinking for months. Spencer wants her to tell her parents by night's end or he will. Billy informs Spencer that he needs to find a kicker. Jordan informs Simone he wants to tell his parents that they're married at night that night. A girl, Nonni, is the best kicker at tryouts, but her mother Denise, who is hitting on Billy, says no. Olivia tells everyone at dinner that she had a drink, heading off Jordan's announcement. Spencer supplies the whole truth. Billy and Laura insist on talking to Olivia's sponsor that night. Coop tries to convince Grace about the value of her dropping out of school but she doesn't buy it. Spencer tells Billy he didn't know about Olivia's drinking until the accident. Jordan tells Laura that Olivia took his car. Grace blames Spencer for covering for Olivia. Spencer goes back to Dr. Spears for counseling. Olivia finds out her sponsor Leslie is in jail because of her addiction. Leslie tells her to trust her family. Denise calms down Billy and then tells him Nonni will be joining the team. Coop has decided she's going to take the GED exam so she can get on with her music career. Billy's voicemail gets through to Olivia. Olivia goes to Spencer's house. He refuses to go home with her. Her parents come up with a home rehab program for Olivia.

All American
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All American Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Olivia: I'm sorry about how everything went down at the cabin.
Asher: I have to get to class. I'm great you're OK.

Your falling off the wagon is a big deal.

Spencer [to Olivia]