Time For Homecoming - All American
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Coop got the cops to leave by bringing up no-knock warrants. Olivia thinks Wade is behind the swatting. Jordan pushes Layla to become more than friends but she wants things to stay as they have been. D'Angelo asks for Spencer and Dillon's blessings before proposing to Grace. The cops arrest Wade for swatting after the call to the police was traced back to his phone. This thrusts Jordan into the starting quarterback role but the team isn't listening to him, nor Spencer, about what Wade did. Coop tells Skye about her last night with Patience. Olivia sounds like she's on the verge of breaking up with Spencer. Wade is cleared of all charges. Grace advises Spencer to give Olivia time and space to figure out her dream. Layla comes by to check on Jordan. Billy and Olivia convince Coach Garrett to take action against Wade. He makes Jordan starting quarterback for the Homecoming game. GAU takes an early lead but Spencer is off his game. At halftime, Wade bad mouths Olivia and Jordan punches him, hurting his hand. Billy and Olivia don't trust Garrett. Jordan fumbles and Coastal Carolina scores, then comes back to take the lead. Asher figures out Jordan is injured but doesn't tell Montes. Jordan throws the winning touchdown to Spencer lefthanded. Jordan informs Layla he'll wait until she comes around. D'Angelo proposes and Grace tells him she'll move to Oakland with him. Wade is kicked off the team. Wade plans to take down Garrett by handing Olivia an exclusive. Coop ends rekindling a relationship with Patience. J.P. is retiring and hands his label over to his protege, Clay. Jordan's hand is broken. Olivia tells Spencer she's breaking a story on Garrett. He asks her what that means for their relationship. 

All American
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All American Season 4 Episode 20 Quotes

What you're doing is deflecting.

Coop [to Spencer]

We signed off on you months ago.

Spencer [to D'Angelo]