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Spencer is having trouble determining his brand. Layla is hand-delivering invitations to Patience's launch party because Patience didn't. Jordan gets a frosty hazing reception from Wade and the seniors. Patience fangirls over Sabine who shows up to see Layla. Billy is having trouble juggling everything. Grace tells Spencer that Dillon is acting out so Spencer agrees to talk with him. Wade bolts from an interview with Olivia when her questions get hard. Skye drops by to visit Coop. Dillon just gives Spencer attitude. Layla invites influencer Skye and her followers to Patience's party. Wade attacks Jordan and Spencer over Olivia's article. Then Billy shows up to talk with Coach Garrett about South Crenshaw players. Jordan blasts Olivia over the backlash he's getting from her article. Preach suggests Billy give his assistant coaches more responsible. Layla and Jordan get locked in the studio when they go back for Patience's guitar. Spencer seeks Dillon's help with his brand. Dillon tells him he's got nothing. Billy runs in late for supper. Layla and Jordan get into an argument about each other's foibles. She tries to smash a window with a mike stand then breaks down crying. Sabine lends Patience her guitar. Layla and Jordan talk after her implosion. He talks about losing his confidence while she speaks about that night with Carrie. Skye says she's at the party to see Coop. Olivia informs Spencer that she'll be more open with him about what she's doing. Layla's technician shows up and lets them out. Coop leaves the party with Skye, which Patience sees. After Patience tries to kiss Sabine, she advises Patience to focus on her music and forget about Coop. Billy makes breakfast for Laura, handing off the morning workout. Jordan tells off Wade. Spencer takes some of Dillon's art for his logo. 

All American
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All American Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

Patience: Why you so stressed? It's all gonna get done.
Layla: Yup, by me.

Well, I always think you're hot. So maybe I'm the wrong person to ask.

Olivia [to Spencer]