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Coach Garrett resigns before Olivia's article comes out. Olivia confronts Garrett. Garrett points out that Olivia's article could adversely affects Jordan and Spencer's careers. Athletic Director A.D. Barnes hints to Billy that there's no need for Olivia's article to come out anymore. Montes wants Asher to recruit Spencer and Jordan in the wake of the Garrett news, but Asher declines. Interim Head Coach Boone recruits Spencer and Jordan to secure as many commitments as possible to GAU. Jaymee wants to tag along while Asher recruits. Jordan firms up his four commitments while Spencer can't reach his. Patience is making a music video. Layla suggests that J.J.'s behavior is a call for attention. Olivia and Spencer argue over how her Garrett article will impact Jordan and him. Patience is getting skittish on set. Jordan goes along with J.J.'s plan for a cowboy-themed party. Barnes attempts to get Billy to stop Olivia's article. Billy and Olivia talk about potential fallout. Spencer's recruits are balking about Marco Galvez's waffling over GAU. Spencer convinces Boone to let him talk to Marco. Asher is already selling Marco on Coastal California. Patience is awkward performing for her video. Layla blasts Gia for taking liberties with the video concept. Jordan is aghast at J.J.'s party theme. Olivia's editor promises to help her protect those she' cares about when her article comes out. Spencer tries to sell Marco on GAU and Coach Boone. Gia talks Patience into embracing the video concept. Marco is signing with GAU. Asher flipped three players from the GAU roster. Jordan tries to get a drunk J.J. to slow down. When J.J. brings up Layla derogatorily, Jordan attacks him. J.J. moves out to the frat house. Olivia's article comes out under a pen name to protect Spencer and Jordan. 

All American
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All American Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Asher: I just feel a lot of pressure to deliver.
Jamie: You will. I'm sure of it.

What am I supposed to do? Just sit tight?

Olivia [to Billy]