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Jordan and Spencer worry about the impact of Olivia's article on the GAU football program. JJ recruits Spencer and Jordan to take part in his fraternity's speed-dating event. Jordan tells Layla that he's afraid JJ has remembered their kiss. Layla doesn't want to make a big thing out of Valentine's Day. Coop informs Spencer that he needs to do something with Alicia on Valentine's Day. Olivia feels that her article is missing something. Billy suggests she track down Garrett's former assistants. JJ crashes Asher and Jabari's tour of Coastal California. Coop has an interview with the professor whose law course she hopes to audit and it goes badly. Jordan and Spencer warn JJ that he's slacking off. Jordan admits to JJ that he's with Layla. Olivia finds Eric, an assistant coach who may have something to hide. Billy knows him and insists that he be the one to talk to him. Spencer is overdoing it with Alicia, "Pretty Woman" style. Darius screwed up on filing the briefs and Preach temporarily loses custody of Amina as a result. Layla asks JJ for help with Jordan. Coop puts herself back on Preach's case. Spencer gives the roses Alicia is allergic to to Billy for Laura. Coop takes another shot at the professor with her real life story and gets to audit his class. JJ attempts to convince Asher of his rededication. Alicia just wants a casual night with Spencer, even after he admits to sleeping with Olivia. Eric says injuring other teams' players was his idea but Garrett took it to another level. Billy convinces him to be interviewed by Olivia. JJ blows off his workout for a flipflop party and Asher sees him. Layla says she's protecting their relationship from the Vortex. Garrett resigns because he found out about Olivia's article before it ran. 

All American
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All American Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

JJ: I've got to get my lucky tank top out of my locker.
Spencer: Of course you do.

Remember what I said. "Pretty Woman." It's going to change your life.

Coop [to Spencer]