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Part 1: Annie urges Zach (Thorsten Kaye) to get some rest but he refuses to leave Ian's side until he knows he'll be safe. Ryan and Kendall are brought to tears as their son regains consciousness and sits up. Kendall takes great pleasure in telling her son that he has a baby brother named Ian. Kendall then visits Ian and talks about his brother and her hopes for him. Finding Zach watching Spike, Ryan thanks him for fighting for his son and offers to do the same for Ian. Aidan runs into an upset Greenlee on the beach. He tries to question her about the accident in a sympathetic way but she accuses him of thinking she's a horrible person like everyone else.

Part 2: When she tries to leave, she suddenly feels a terrible pain and cries out that she was bringing him back when she had the accident. She insists she loves Spike and reminds him that she's the reason he's alive. Aidan calls Jack for help but decides not to say anything about her confession. After he takes care of his daughter, Jack suggests to Greenlee that it might be a good idea for her to live somewhere besides Pine Valley. Explaining that the boat house is wired for her meeting with the drug dealer, Derek and Jack urge Ava to take the drug setup seriously.

Part 3: Insisting she doesn't need them to hold her hand, Ava tells her father and Derek that she can do this. She calls Lenny and agrees to meet him. Hearing she's at the yacht club, Jonathan chases after Ava and, on the beach, he makes an impassioned plea for her, not Lily. She responds with a kiss.

All My Children
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