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Part 1: As the women of Fusion celebrate their recent success, the party stops when Greenlee hobbles into the office. After Ava leaves, Babe, Di (Kelli Giddish) and Amanda explain how they did the successful webcast. Claiming she's not needed, Babe and Di suggest that Greenlee go home to recuperate. Greenlee angrily reminds them that she is here at her own company to work and chastises them for making assumptions about what she did with Spike.

Part 2: When Babe asks her why she wasn't behind them, Greenlee claims that she missed a turn and points out they have all made mistakes. Amanda remains behind after the others leave and admits she's not so quick to judge after being raised by "Janet from another planet." When Ava arrives, Jack asks her to help trap her drug dealer into being busted to free Sean of his legal troubles but she refuses. But when Lily mentions that she is trying to help clear Sean's name, Ava agrees to help Jack as long as Lily doesn't find out what she did. Annie brings Emma by the hospital to cheer up Zach as he waits. Ryan explains to Kendall that he thought that Greenlee was actually hooking up with Sean. Kendall wonders if Greenlee planned this.

Part 3: Ryan tries to convince Kendall that she is not responsible for delivering a premature baby. Zach interrupts with the news that their baby survived the procedure. He then suggests that they name their baby Ian and then sends her back to be with Spike. When Adam accuses Tad of trying to turn Colby against him, Tad responds that he doesn't have to do a thing because Adam is his own worst enemy where his children are concerned.

All My Children
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