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Part 1: As they kiss at the beach, Ava pulls back and tells Jonathon (Jeff Branson) she can't do this. He insists that they are okay so they kiss again but she walks away after accusing him of just wanting to "get back into her pants." Jonathan denies it and admits his hope for a relationship with someone he can trust. She claims that's not her. The drug dealer calls and insists Ava meet him now, not later. Greenlee reminds Jack that it was four years ago today that he discovered that she was his daughter and accuses him of wanting her out of his life.

Part 2: Jack reveals that he found out she was the anonymous donor who offered to donate a million dollars if he and Erica would finalize their divorce. She asks him to be a father to her and listen to what happened with Spike but eventually tells him he doesn't have to do anything anymore. Dr. Delano assures Zach that Ian's quick improvement is a good sign. Insisting he considers himself as Spike's father, Zach argues with Adam about what makes a father. Adam tries to convince Zach to give back his company but Zach accuses him of sending flowers and showing concern to trick him.

Part 3: Denying he slept with Greenlee, Josh tells Kendall that he wanted to. However, he also admits that he doesn't think he'll ever be able to forgive her for what she did. Josh promises that his loyalty is always to her and her family. Holding back her tears, Erica has all the baby gifts she ordered for Kendall and Zach stored at the Fusion offices until they are sure that Ian is going to survive. Expecting to be read the riot act for giving Greenlee the keys to the car, Babe is shocked when Erica thanks her for all she did for Kendall. Later, Di and Amanda wonder who sent Babe flowers.

All My Children
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