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The specialist informs Kendall, Ryan and the others that Spike has suffered permanent and profound damage to both ears.

As Spike's loved ones struggle to cope with the news, Dr. Norton hastens to add that a cochlear implant might restore some of the child's hearing.

Later, Annie tries to reassure a dismayed Ryan, while at the same time, Zach consoles his grieving wife. Dazzled by the thought of hitting it big on the silver screen, Ava eagerly affixes her name to a contract.

Josh (Colin Egglesfield) catches Greenlee trying to sneak in to see Spike and tells her that his young nephew is now deaf.


Outraged to find Greenlee at the hospital, Jonathan rails at Josh for defending the woman who ruined Spike's life. Erica and Jackson discuss the latest crisis which has threatened to tear their marriage apart.

Greenlee heads to The Comeback to drown her sorrows and wallow in a deep pool of self-pity. Colby snarls at Ava for thinking only of her own happiness while Jonathan and his family are dealing with such sadness.

Wheeler offers an inebriated Greenlee one more for the road, then invites her to continue the private party back at his place. Jonathan is touched by Ava's clumsy but sincere attempt to lend him her moral support.

All My Children
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