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EPISODE GUIDE PART I: Rattled to see Aidan in Hilliard's waiting room, Greenlee warns the doctor that his next patient is an impostor. Annie tells her startled husband she doesn't believe Spike should stay with them. At the hospital, Kendall frightens the mother of a newborn when she asks to hold the woman's baby.

EPISODE GUIDE PART II: Apologizing for his wife's intrusion, Zach tries to pull Kendall away. Dr. Hilliard finally hits upon the identity of his new benefactor. Jackson (Walt Willey) angrily reminds Erica that he never agreed to appear on another reality show. Touched by Kendall's tale, the new mom offers to let her hold the baby. Hilliard assures Aidan he doesn't fear an investigation because he has nothing to hide.

Ryan urges Annie to open up about what's truly troubling her.

: Greenlee explains to the doctor why it's so crucial for her to have a hand in helping Spike regain his hearing. Upon learning Erica's charitable motives, Jackson softens toward the idea of co-hosting a new show with his ex. As she cuddles Spike, Kendall tells an irked Ryan she's changed her mind about letting him keep their son.

Greenlee snarls at Aidan for ruining her plan after Dr. Hilliard returns her check.

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