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PART I: Annie tells Ryan she thinks they should all move in with the Slaters so that Spike can go spend time with both his mom and his dad. Aidan presses Greenlee to explain her connection to Dr. Hilliard. Though Kendall is pleased with the idea of having the Laverys in residence for a while, Ryan balks at her suggestion.

PART II: Lily shows Jonathan the pic of her sister kissing Amanda. Meanwhile, Amanda (Chrishell Strause) rails at Ava for involving her in the model's cheap publicity stunt. Greenlee blasts Aidan for blowing her scheme to help Spike regain his hearing. Zach privately admits to Ryan that he's not crazy about the thought of them blending households but believes it might be best for Kendall after all.

Aidan gently encourages Greenlee to stop blaming herself for Spike's predicament.

PART III: Jonathan explains to a confused Lily why Ava locking lips with another woman doesn't mean she's a lesbian. Kendall confides to a sympathetic Annie how she inadvertently scared another new mom at the hospital. Zach convinces a skeptical Ryan to try things Annie's way. Tad admits to Krystal how much he misses Jamie already. Jonathan realizes he needs to have a serious chat with Ava about her desire to attain instant celebrity status.

Aidan gives Greenlee the Heimlich maneuver after she chokes on a hot dog. Krystal decides to throw Tad a surprise birthday party to cheer him up.

All My Children
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