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PART I: Ryan and Annie (Melissa Claire Egan) enjoy being alone in their Chicago hotel room. But then as Ryan sleeps, Annie sneaks off to meet her father at her mother's grave site. A tough Annie warns her father to get the person sending her the threatening messages to stop or she'll take matters into her own hands again. Tad sneaks in unnoticed at his own surprise birthday party but is soon the center of attention, until Zach and Kendall arrive.

PART II: Krystal (Bobbie Eakes) makes Tad see how his party is helping everyone who loves him. Tad and Krystal are both surprised when they end up in a kiss. Kendall leaves Zach at the party and returns home to Spike. Kendall secretly gives Spike the vitamins Dr. Hilliard gave her. Greenlee tries to put on a brave face as she suffers through a dinner alone at the Valley Inn and later encounters Aidan.

All My Children
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