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Part One: Krystal (Bobbie Eakes) asks Tad if he kissed her because he was looking for something more out of it. Greenlee gives a tipsy Aidan a ride home from the party at The Comeback. Annie threatens to take action if her father refuses to put an end to the harassment. Tad and Krystal discuss the evolving nature of their relationship but agree that it's not the right time to move beyond "just friends."

Part Two: Kendall nervously hides from Zach the special vitamins she's been using to spike Spike's apple juice. Aidan makes a move on Greenlee, who responds to his embrace tentatively at first but then with growing enthusiasm. In Chicago, Ryan questions his wife when she returns to their hotel room in the middle of the night. Colby, Krystal and Tad (Michael E. Knight) discover that their next door neighbors are members of a garage band named "Forbidden City."

Part Three: After they make love, Aidan tenderly re-wraps Greenlee's cracked ribs. Kendall thanks Zach for always being such a calm, comforting presence in the midst of chaos. Mindful of his daughter's warning, Walter greets Ryan with a forced smile and claims to be happy for Annie. Corrina, Ren and Dre introduce themselves to Colby, Sean and Jenny's parents. Later, Corrina endears herself to Tad by fixing his TV.

In an awkward farewell, Greenlee and Aidan promise to keep their tryst a secret. Zach stumbles over the vial of drops prescribed by Dr. Hilliard. Until next time ...

All My Children
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