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At the country club bar, Adam guesses it's another scam by his son when he sees the TV report about the hostage situation with Ava and JR. Tad, Babe, Colby and Krystal arrive at the beach and get an update on what Lenny has done. Tad is quick to defend JR's decision to try to help Ava.

Part I

Amanda urges Jonathan not to worry about the danger Ava faces. Adam arrives and starts blaming everyone for JR's troubles until he starts to collapse from the stress. Krystal is touched when she realizes how much Adam fears that JR will be hurt. When Lily (Leven Rambin) arrives, Jonathan urges her to believe that Ava will be fine and leaks that Ava was secretly working with the police to stop the drug dealer. Inside the shack, Ava refuses to leave when Lenny orders her to get out.

Part II

Arguing all the time, JR and Ava mange to jump Lenny. Unhurt, the two get the upper hand on Lenny and emerge from the shack, holding the drug dealer at gunpoint. Lily and Ava hug for the first time. Aidan resents it when Greenlee complains that he dragged her out of the hospital. She claims she was just trying to check on Spike but he tries to make her understand that Spike's family doesn't want her there.

The End

When she asks how the baby is doing, he finally reveals that Spike is deaf and claims that it's because of her that he will never be able to hear.

All My Children
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