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Part 1: On the phone with Derek while holding Ava at gunpoint, Lenny demands transportation to the airport so he can leave town safely. After JR offers one excuse after another for why he should not feel guilty for his confrontation on the beach with Ava, Jonathan warns JR that he's a "dead man" if anything happens to her. Jack lays into an embarrassed JR for the trouble he caused by interrupting Ava's attempt to help put away a notorious drug dealer.

Part 2: Feeling responsible, JR rushes to the shack with an offer to help Lenny get away. His effort falls flat as he's taken hostage along with Ava. After Ryan asks Joe how he could have missed determining Spike's deafness, Kendall declares that she won't accept her son being deaf. As Kendall collapses emotionally, Erica tries to comfort her. Ryan is surprised by how much Annie knows about hearing loss. She claims that she knew someone who was permanently deaf but when Ryan admits how little he knows about her, she claims he knows all he needs to know. Later, Annie makes a phone call. Zach hurries to Ian's incubator and learns that his son is jaundiced but can easily be treated. Dr. Delano allows Zach to feed the baby.

Part 3: Making fun of Tad's special hula girl lamp as they do so, Babe, Sean, Stuart and Colby (Ambyr Childers) help Tad and Krystal move into the new house. After he's chastised for kissing Colby, Tad pulls Sean outside and urges him to respect her and not hurt her. Inside, Babe, Krystal and Stuart offer their own advice about young love to Colby. All of them later learn about the trouble Ava faces.

All My Children
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