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PART I: As All My Children resumes, Tad gives Krystal (Bobbie Eakes) an earful when she again brings up the sore subject of her husband. At the precinct, Adam informs his son he's paid his bail but there are strings attached. Annie and Erica lend their moral support as Ryan (Cameron Mathison) and Kendall bring Spike to the hospital for cochlear surgery. Amanda schemes to cash in on video proof of JR's guilt ... and innocence.

PART II: Joe promises to keep Spike's parents updated throughout the operation. JR balks when Adam reveals that the conditions of his release include house arrest at the Chandler mansion. Krystal reminds Tad why he needs to respect her feelings but he insists Adam must never get near Jenny again. Jackson drops by the waiting room to offer Kendall (Alicia Minshew) his best wishes but gives Erica the cold shoulder.

PART III: Erica (Susan Lucci) is taken aback to learn she wasn't consulted during Lily's recent crisis. JR rejects his father's offer. Krystal lashes back at Tad, then is stunned when he announces he's suing for full custody of Jenny. Amanda tells Adam she can provide his son an alibi in exchange for $1 million. Jonathan asks his fiancee if she's been seeing JR. Krystal declares war on Tad...

All My Children
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