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Part I: At the precinct, Zach asks Kendall why she ignored his advice and threatened their family's entire future by turning herself in. JR explains to Babe how his name got cleared and why he's done with his dad forever. Hannah says her dossier now has enough information to steal Chandler Enterprises right out from under his enemy's nose. Assuring Kendall he'll always think of her as his daughter, Jackson offers to act as her attorney. Babe and JR belatedly celebrate Christmas together by exchanging gifts...

Part II: In the psych ward, Richie informs a startled Dr. Chambers that he's named a new beneficiary for his life insurance policy. Hannah tells Adam she no longer works for him. A concerned Joe cautions Greenlee that she must take better care of herself if they decide to release her from the hospital. Jackson suspects that Aidan is keeping a secret. Joe quietly orders extra blood tests for Greenlee. Babe bristles when JR orders her to stay away from Richie from now on. As Aidan holds her closely, Greenlee boasts that all of her dreams are starting to come true. Kendall asks Zach to make love to her...

All My Children
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