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Part One

As All My Children gets underway, Amanda is taken aback to realize that JR is still in the dark about a DVD which can clear his name. Forced to spend the night at Aidan's due to an ice storm, Kendall sets out early in the morning on foot to search for her missing husband. Meanwhile, Greenlee (Sabine Singh / Rebecca Budig) and Zach are running out of air.

Part Two

Annie (Melissa Claire Egan) comes to the ward to confront her brother once more. Aidan pulls a hysterical Kendall back to the house after finding her stumbling through the woods. Zach confides to Greenlee why fear drove him to such great lengths. Richie tells Annie she'll never be free of him. JR (Jacob Young) appeals to Amanda (Chrishell Strause) to give him another chance.

Part Three

After his sister leaves, Richie asks Janet to help him escape from his confinement. JR has a confusing flash of memory about the night of the accident. Janet causes a distraction which allows Richie to slip away during the commotion. Aidan bitterly advises Kendall to accept the fact that their loved ones are gone forever.

All My Children
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