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PART ONE: JR grows incensed when Adam thoughtlessly invites his alcoholic son to join him for a drink. Much to Richie's surprise, Babe summons Ryan (Cameron Mathison) over to collect his brother-in-law. In the shelter, Kendall anxiously leans over Zach just as the walls around them begin to collapse. After Quentin climbs to help Kendall load up Zach into the harness, Aidan hauls the injured man to the surface.

PART TWO: JR tells Adam he's been having flashes of memory about the night of the accident. As Derek and several officers appear at her door, it's Babe's (Amanda Baker) turn to be surprised when Richie reveals how he called the police himself. Father Clarence pays a visit on a befuddled Adam. Zach (Thorsten Kaye) briefly regains consciousness and asks Kendall to assist Greenlee.

PART THREE: Sitting alone at Dixie's grave, JR appeals to his late mother for help staying sober and becoming a good role model for little A. Later, JR's memory returns and he's relieved to realize he was with Amanda on the night Zach was hurt. In the ER, Greenlee (Sabine Singh) takes a sudden turn for the worse while Richie is alarmed to learn that his hit-and-run victim has survived ... and resurfaced.

All My Children
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