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  • Jack, Erica, Aidan, Sean and Lily fear the worst as Greenlee (Sabine Singh until January 15, then Rebecca Budig) is hovering near death. Aidan goes to the chapel to pray and encounters Father Clarence.
  • After a heart-to-heart about the power of prayer, Greenlee miraculously begins breathing again as Aidan cradles her in his arms. Zach and Kendall profess their love for each other, as well.

JR confronts Amanda and is both stunned and angered to realize that Adam possesses the evidence that clears him of running down Zach. JR informs Derek of the existence of the DVD and heads off to confront his father.

Adam is haunted by his crimes against Krystal and Tad as he suffers through a preternatural experience and is forced to see that he needs to tell Tad the truth about Kate. Adam arrives at Tad and Krystal's ... he is ready to reveal the truth but is blindsided as Tad announces he and Krystal got married.

All My Children
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