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PART ONE: As All My Children gets underway, Joe explains to Tad how Frankie Hubbard has been using his middle name, "Quentin," since arriving in Pine Valley. Scoffing at a theory about their significant others hooking up, Aidan warns Kendall she's letting her imagination run away with her. Greenlee (Rebecca Budig) confides to Zach her fear that something is seriously wrong with her. Colby berates her father for conning her into helping him set a trap for Tad.

PART TWO: Clinging to her son, Angie tells Frankie she thought she would never see him again. Krystal asks JR for a big favor. Greenlee and Zach realize that the traumatic experience they shared has left them bonded in a peculiar way. Later, Zach urges Greenlee to admit to Aidan and her doctors how ill she's been feeling in recent weeks. Julia helps Angie perform an emergency tracheotomy after Frankie stops breathing.

PART THREE: Revealing how Adam offered to cough up information on Kate, Krystal (Bobbie Eakes) suggests that JR move back in with his dad so he can ferret out the truth about Tad's long-lost daughter. Julia (Sydney Penny) shows Angie test results linking Greenlee's symptoms to Frankie's. Tad considers resuming his search for Kate. Zach seeks to reassure Kendall after she discloses how she's been feeling left out lately.

All My Children
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