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Annie is thrown off when her father shows up while she is out with Ryan and Emma. Richie's doctor tells him not to die too soon - they have unfinished business to attend to.

While Tad and Aidan work to find Zach (Thorsten Kaye) and Greenlee.

Greenlee (Sabine Singh) falls when she tries to climb out of the shelter but Zach breaks her fall and saves her.

Lily shows up at the hospital to ask Richie about their date but not only doesn't he remember, he doesn't even remember her name. He asks her to leave so that he can talk to her doctor and she does, very upset.

Annie (Melissa Claire Egan) asks her father not to take out his feelings towards her on her daughter. Aidan tells Kendall to get out of his space and he and Tad won't be taking any new clients. 

As Richie's doctor tells him that he expects him to live up to his end of their deal, he grabs him and tells him to back off and that he'll call the shots. Zach tries to break through the walls of the shelter and can't.

Lily returns to the Richie's room and listens to him talking to his doctor.  He says that he'll make sure he murders Zach and Lily is panicked.

Ryan (Cameron Mathison) tries to uncover information about Richie's mystery doc. Zach makes a plan to get out of the shelter by digging out.

Greenlee asks Zach if he thinks Kendall (Alicia Minshew) is glad that she is gone. Erica feels that Tad is holding back information from them and asks him to tell her what it is.

Julia (Sydney Penny) expresses sincere concern for Greenlee to Jack and also says that she is happy with life.

Zach tells Greenlee that Kendall hates her and is always looking over her shoulder for her. Richie tells the doctor that he has every intention of carrying out his end of their deal...

All My Children
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