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Tad calls Hannah over to his apartment and tells her that she can start by grabbing Jenny's bottle for him. Adam can't figure out why JR doesn't want his help. Ava shows up at the jail, telling JR to put his hand in her bra which will somehow prove his innocence. Come on. That's what they all say.

Krystal tries to convince Tad that it's possible JR had confessed because he's guilty but Adam refuses to believe it. Ava has filled her brad with sacks of alcohol and tells JR he's gotta get drunk. Kendall has nightmares about Zach's disappearance and imagines that Greenlee points a gun at her husband. Zach turns around and shoots Greenlee in the head, saying matter of factly that it had to be done.

Adam breaks down at the thought that he's driven his son away. JR dumps the alcohol into the sink, saying that the fact that he wants to drink is the problem. Tad and Hannah spend time together pouring their hearts out to one another. The guard at the prison calls Ava out for smuggling alcohol in.

As Krystal prepares to leave, Adam asks her to stay, saying that he needs her. She says that she'll call Tad but Adam tells her that she should not have to ask permission. The guard leads Ava away.

Kendall shows up in the woods where Aidan is looking for Greenlee.

All My Children
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