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On the drive into Manhattan, Kendall suffers a sudden abdominal pain, but shrugs off Babe's concern. That can't be a good sign.

Rattling around alone in his empty house, Adam can't stop thinking about all the loved ones he's driven away. At The Comeback, Colby confides to Tad how she feels like she's lost both of her parents now. Ryan and Zach discuss the joys and pitfalls of fatherhood. And, fortunately, Babe forces Kendall to admit that she's having contractions and needs to go straight to the hospital.

Tad assures Colby that she will always be the most important thing in Liza's life. JR and Amanda make love in the boathouse. Afterwards, Amanda is outraged when JR cheerfully reveals how he's quit Chandler Enterprises and given all his shares of stock to his dad. Certain something is wrong with her unborn child, a sobbing Kendall implores Greenlee to take Spike while she and Babe rush to the ER. Later, Zach receives a worrisome call from Babe and together with Ryan makes a mad dash through midtown traffic. Amanda berates JR for walking away from a fortune but he declares that he's never felt so free.

While driving back towards Pine Valley with Spike in the back seat, Greenlee recalls how often she dreamed of just such a moment with her baby boy. Adam warns Tad that JR will be up to his old tricks once again before too long. Colby tells Krystal she thinks she actually understands why Ava acts out so much. Amanda invites JR to crash at Wildwind until he gets back on his feet. Greenlee decides to go on the run with Spike.

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