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Part 1: Zach flies in specialist Dr. Delano to consult on Kendall's case. At the accident scene, Greenlee regains consciousness and is horrified to discover that Spike's car seat was thrown from the vehicle during the crash. Joe reassures Kendall that her unborn child is fine and healthy. Desperate to reach Spike, an injured Greenlee struggles to free herself from the wrecked car. Josh finally locates his mother and regretfully delivers some bad news.

Part 2: Meanwhile, the media begins broadcasting an Amber Alert and Annie hurries back to Pine Valley with Di to help with the search. Ryan snarls at a sorrowful Babe for leaving Greenlee alone with his son. Upon arrival at the ER, Jackson tries to defend his missing daughter but Erica angrily insists that Greenlee must have stolen Spike. Though highly sympathetic to Ryan's pain, Tad reminds the furious young man that lashing out at everyone won't make a bad situation any better. Cradling Spike in her arms, Greenlee waits anxiously for rescue.

Part 3: Kendall repeatedly asks for her son but finds her mother's excuses hard to swallow. After Zach hesitantly reveals the truth about Spike's disappearance, a hysterical Kendall begins suffering contractions once again.

All My Children
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