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Jack tries to convince Aidan to bring Greenlee home safe before the police find her. Jonathan and Ryan (Cameron Mathison) race to get to Tom before Richie does and get the real story about the murder.

Kendall is freaking out that she can't find Zach, who is sideswiped by a car and falls to the ground. The car backs up and Richie gets out.

Greenlee (Sabine Singh) hides in the woods and has visions of those who drove her away and set her up - Kendall, Zach, and Erica (Susan Lucci).

Kendall (Alicia Minshew) is relieved after running into Lily, who tells her where her husband is right now at this moment in time. Zach asks Richie for help and is dragged into his car. A few miles down the road, Richie opens up the passenger door and throws him onto the side of the road.

He gets to Tom first and confronts him.

Jack gets a minute alone with Aidan and tries, again, to get info about Greenlee's whereabouts. Greenlee runs across a country road and falls down a hill, landing right next to Zach's body.

Aidan (Aiden Turner) finally gives in and tells Jack that Greenlee is on her way to Canada until he can clear her name. Jonathan wants to be the one to put Richie away until he dies but Ryan doesn't want Jonathan falling back into old patterns or getting violent with anyone.

Zach (Thorsten Kaye) comes to, bleeding badly, and Greenlee helps him up and tries to get him assistance. He thanks her for making sure he's okay. Tom promises not to say anything to Ryan or anybody else about Richie, who takes off into the night. Ryan and Jonathan (Jeff Branson) arrive at Tom's apartment. Kendall and Erica find Zach's car on the side of the road, abandoned.

As Greelee tries to help Zach, they fall down a hole in the ground.

All My Children
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