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Ryan and Jonathan arrive at Tom's too late and with Richie nowhere in site. Richie goes to Annie's to settle things once and for all. Greenlee (Sabine Singh) tries to get Zach to a house nearby where he can get some medical attention but the two fall into a hole in the ground.

JR stumbles into The Comeback and finds Ava, who tells him to lay off the drinks.

Derek confronts Jack and Aidan (Aiden Turner), knowing that they're covering for Greenlee. Jonathan describes to his brother what sick things Richie must be thinking.

Jonathan explains his past to Ryan (Cameron Mathison) who, again, tries to stop him but he insists on going back to his past. Derek finds Kendall and Erica and has Jack and Aidan in handcuffs along with him. When Kendall assumes Greenlee has been in the same area, she assumes that she's responsible for Zach's injury.

Ava describes her various nights with drunken men who have forced sex upon her and abused her to JR in an attempt to sober him up. Jonathan confesses to Ryan that there was a time that he couldn't stop hurting people until he got revenge on him for leaving him with their abusive dad.

Annie has a hard time believing Richie loves Babe or can even care about another human besides himself. Jack confronts Kendall, wanting to know why she went after Greenlee but Kendall feels that she's justified. 

Jack unleashes his anger on Erica (Susan Lucci), feeling that she is siding with Kendall over him and his innocent daughter. Annie tells Richie not to do to Babe what he did to their mother.

Kendall looks for a sign from Zach and gets one when she finds a picture of JR, Babe, and Little A underneath the tire of his car. Ryan comes home and tells Richie to get away from his wife. Jonathan returns to The Comeback to pick up Ava. Zach and Greenlee wake up and have no idea where they are...

All My Children
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