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As All My Children gets underway on this Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Celine Dion arrives as Erica's guest to do perform on the Thanksgiving episode of her talk show. Richie searches the woods, presumably for Richie, who he ran over with JR's car but thought he was dead.

Krystal (Bobbie Eakes) arrives to start setting up for Thanksgiving dinner with both Tad and Adam. Ryan shows up at the hospital to meet up with Kendall and join the search party for Zach.

Derek and the police continue to search for Zach and Greenlee. Jack looks for his daughter but Derek tells him to go home. Greenlee (Sabine Singh) worries about Zach, whose condition seems to be worsening.

Amanda stops into The Comeback only to tell Krystal that she won't be joining them for dinner ... after finding out JR slept with Babe a few days ago.

Tad notices that something is wrong with JR but he doesn't want to talk about it. Babe (Amanda Baker) lets her mother know she won't be spending Thanksgiving with her, either. She's going to Ryan (Cameron Mathison) and Annie's to have dinner with Richie.

Richie is still searching for Zach in the woods and falls down, coughing.  A man stands over him saying that he doesn't belong there.

Kendall breaks down while searching for Zach. The man in the woods tells Richie he shouldn't be there but walks away without doing anything.

Colby shows up for dinner and brings her friends with her

Aidan (Aiden Turner) wanders through the woods calling Greenlee, hoping for a response. Derek promises Kendall that he'll keep up the search but it's not looking good. She goes back to the hospital to be with her boys and Erica (Susan Lucci) joins her there.

Babe (Amanda Baker) arrives at Annie's (Melissa Claire Egan) but tries to figure out what the truce between her and her brother is all about. She figures out that Annie and Ryan are planning to use her against him.

Richie stumbles and falls again, but this time right on top of the shelter. Greenlee runs to call for help.

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