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PART ONE: As Annie (Melissa Claire Egan) wonders why her brother did not show for Thanksgiving, Babe (Amanda Baker) receives word that Richie has been hospitalized. Ryan (Cameron Mathison) assures a grateful Kendall he won't mind if she keeps Spike for the holiday. Tad tracks Aidan down at the safe house and encourages his partner to believe they'll find Greenlee soon.

PART TWO: Greenlee (Sabine Singh) is stunned to realize that she and Zach aren't being rescued. Jackson icily informs Erica he knows how she attempted to have his daughter confined to a mental asylum. In the ER, Joe tells Annie and Babe that Richie contracted pneumonia while searching through the woods for Zach. Growing hysterical as claustrophobia sets in, Greenlee tries to climb out of the shelter but fails.

PART THREE: Certain Jack still loves her, Erica (Susan Lucci) asks him to marry her again. Derek talks to Ryan and Kendall (Alicia Minshew) about finding Zach's blood inside JR's damaged car. Aidan admits he's fallen in love with Greenlee. Jackson points out to Erica how she always has to get her own way. Showing no remorse, Richie tells Annie he is guilty of all that she and that he did come to Pine Valley to hurt her. Zach's injuries begin to take their toll. Ryan reminds a seething Kendall why she has to let the police handle JR (Jacob Young). Richie urges Annie to finish him off ...

All My Children
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