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Ryan (Cameron Mathison) shows up at the hospital to check with Babe and make sure that Richie is really sick. Annie is in Richie’s room and he asks her to kill him and put them both out of their misery. JR can’t stop drinking, worried that he killed Zach, and Adam promises to help him.

Aidan asks a man if he's seen Greenlee (Sabine Singh) but he refuses to answer and shuts the door. When Aidan kicks it in and enter the house, the man points a gun at him. Zach wakes up and starts talking about a light and Greenlee begs him not to die on her.

Annie (Melissa Claire Egan) almost goes through with giving Richie the poison that would kill him but can't bring herself to do it. When Ryan and Babe walk in to see what was going on, Annie tells them what Richie tried to do but only Ryan believes her.

Zach asks where Kendall in and Greenlee tells him she has taken care of him the whole time. Zach smiles and tells Greenlee that he loves her. Aidan grabs the gun from the man and tries to get some answers. 

Greenlee tells Zach his fever is causing him to hallucinate and imagine Kendall in front of him as opposed to her. Aidan locks the man in a closet and takes off. Zach wanders around, delusional, searching for Kendall. He passes out again and Greenlee pretends to be Kendall in order to get him to wake up. Babe (Amanda Baker) yells at Richie, calling him a coward.

The search for Greenlee rages on
. JR tells Derek his father's alibi isn't true and he is arrested.

Babe finds out that JR has turned himself in. She goes in to tell Richie what happened and leaves to go support her ex. Joe tells Ryan and Annie that Richie may not make it. Aidan (Aiden Turner) lets the man out of the closet after going through his things.

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