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PART ONE: Picking up where All My Children left off last week, Zach offers to bankroll JR's new business venture in exchange for his help ridding Fusion of Greenlee. Flustered to hear Greenlee returning to the loft with Aidan, Kendall ducks into hiding. On the island, Annie tells Ryan she's certain the photo on Eddie's computer is her brother. Meanwhile, "Wes" hints to Babe that he has big plans for his time in Pine Valley. Worried about Emma, Ryan and Annie decide to fly home at once but a storm delays their departure.

PART TWO: Ava bitterly accuses Jonathan of attempting to derail her career by refusing to help JR get the beauty network off the ground. Kendall narrowly manages to avoid detection and slips out of Greenlee's (Sabine Singh) loft. Concerned about her little guest catching Kathy's cold, Julia asks Babe if she can watch Emma for a while. Jonathan assures Ava he wants her to see all of her dreams come true. "Wes" convinces Babe to let him join her for the play date with Emma and Adam. Ava is astounded when Jonathan suddenly sinks to one knee and asks for her hand in marriage. Kendall puts the next step of her scheme in motion.

All My Children
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