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Part One
On the island, Ryan (Cameron Mathison) convinces Annie to relax a little and forget about her troubles for a while. Back in Pine Valley, Aidan explains to Greenlee why he believes Annie is being framed by her psychotic brother. Babe enjoys an afternoon at the batting cage during her second date with Wes. Afterwards, Wes confides how close he came to playing in the major leagues before fate intervened to detour his dreams.

Part Two
Jonathan (Jeff Branson) informs JR he will never lift a finger to help him get his beauty network or any other business venture off the ground. Kendall snoops through Greenlee's loft and finds a scrapbook full of clippings from the early days at Fusion. Meanwhile, Hannah and Zach brainstorm about a way to rid the Slaters of Greenlee for good. Aidan and Greenlee stumble over evidence indicating Annie's brother may be in town.

Part Three

Later, Aidan e-mails the photo to Ryan and Annie gasps to recognize Richie's face on her husband's computer. Musing on the golden days of their great friendship, a tearful Kendall has second thoughts about sandbagging Greenlee. Babe thanks Wes for showing her such a good time. Zach makes a surprising offer to JR. Kendall hardens her heart towards Greenlee once more. Wes is revealed to be Annie's ex-con brother.

All My Children
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